K’sirs Tree Talk – Calophyllum Inophyllum

Running, climbing, jumping, crawling or balancing trying to test our speed, endurance and agility through our obstacle course session gets us close to nature when we are in the grind. We don’t deter nor get tired as we take shelter in the blissful shade of your presence நமேரு புன்னை. A long wait for nearly two … Continue reading K’sirs Tree Talk – Calophyllum Inophyllum

Global Perspective – Raagav V S

It was time. It was time to make a decision which could alter the path of my future.  I had just completed my IGCSEs, not to blow one's own trumpet, I believe I had done pretty well. Wanting to study a niche subject for my bachelor’s such as agri-business and food-systems, I knew my choice … Continue reading Global Perspective – Raagav V S

Best Green School Award

Siruthuli, meaning “A drop of effort to heal the world”, celebrated its 15th anniversary. On this special occasion, they have awarded K'sirs School with the “Best Green School” recognizing our efforts for having a green campus and utilizing eco-friendly materials that would not harm our environment. As a part of the summer camp competition held … Continue reading Best Green School Award

Pongal Celebration 2018 (2/5)

via Pongal Celebration 2018 (1/5) The day has just begun... Following the refreshing and captivating performance by the K'sirs Music Troop, the audience witnessed a mind-blowing performance of Kavadi Attam. Many were seen with their cameras, attempting to capture stills and videos of this traditional aspect of our culture. Our school’s Bharatanatyam dancers took over … Continue reading Pongal Celebration 2018 (2/5)