Global Perspective – Raagav V S

It was time. It was time to make a decision which could alter the path of my future. 

I had just completed my IGCSEs, not to blow one’s own trumpet, I believe I had done pretty well. Wanting to study a niche subject for my bachelor’s such as agri-business and food-systems, I knew my choice of A Levels could be the difference between getting into my dream school and not. I needed a choice of subjects which would represent me and my likings but also not be too foreign to what I had done before at my IGCSEs.

Finalising my top three choices, Economics, Math and Environmental Management, I needed a subject which was rigorous yet not too outlandish, intellectually demanding yet not too time-consuming. With the list of subjects that was available for my A levels in my hand, I started my week-long search of researching these subjects on the internet. Having created a shortlist, I then started enquiring my seniors about their experience with these subjects, asking about difficulty, the time required, etc.

Having done my work, I had decided I was going to choose GP for my A levels. It had a wonderful combination of variety in terms of research questions to choose, yet not too time-consuming. Its main USP was its ability to show universities that I was willing to do the work, prove my mettle, in delving into the research and arriving at a conclusion. What makes it more unique is the option for me to work on a topic of personal interest. It was the missing part of the puzzle to round out my academic profile, and I believe it will be for most A level students.

In my experience so far with GP, I have found only joy, the joy of learning, the joy of doing something I love and the joy that it increases my chances of going to my dream university. 

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