Pongal Celebration 2018 (2/5)

via Pongal Celebration 2018 (1/5)

The day has just begun…

Following the refreshing and captivating performance by the K’sirs Music Troop, the audience witnessed a mind-blowing performance of Kavadi Attam. Many were seen with their cameras, attempting to capture stills and videos of this traditional aspect of our culture. Our school’s Bharatanatyam dancers took over the stage with their beautiful costumes and vibrant makeup. Mixing a modern touch into their routine, it’s safe to say that they were a pleasant surprise for everyone present.

DSC_6201 15

As a trademark piece of every Pongal celebration, our ladies then circled around for a round of Kummiyattam. Notably, the face of every single elderly woman in the crowd was lit with happiness as they rejoiced in the nostalgia.

1 4


The audience watched on mesmerized as the stage was continually occupied by various performances encapsulating our culture, such as therukoothu, thappatam, and mayillatam. As Coimbatore becomes increasingly urban, we’re losing the more traditional parts of ourselves as we value convenience. The K’sirs Pongal Celebration seeks to combat this by ensuring that importance is given to our ancestral practices.


stay tuned... the day's not over yet.

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