Pongal Celebration 2018 (1/5)

The day, which we students have been waiting for a year, has now come. Pongal O’ Pongal!!

The day welcomed us with a glorious sunrise, paving way for a perfect weather. The school campus had an ethereal glow as it adorned the countless decorations lovingly handmade by students and staff alike. As student volunteers, we proudly displayed our badges as we shuffled around hours before the commencement of the event to run last-minute errands. Animals of varying species, ranging from cows to dogs, were brought in comfortably for guests to admire. Food vendors arrived in their trucks to set up stalls featuring both culinary and snack items. Festivals have always been a great source of joy for any student population and the grand events planned for the day did little to quench the overwhelming sense of excitement felt.


Enthusiastic guests filtered their way into the school field earlier than the stated timing and found sheltered seats while they waited for the opening ceremony. The K’sirs music troop captivated the audience with various songs pertaining to Pongal. This kept the atmosphere upbeat and optimistic as guests from all ages were seen mouthing along to the familiar tunes.

DSC_6443 DSC_6581 DSC_6430


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