Avian Adventure (first part)

(One fine day)

It was a regular day in K’sirs when two baby owlets were found in the campus. They were so young and weak when found. Sadly one of them didn’t survive but we managed to keep the other baby owlet in a stable condition. Luckily for the owlet, it was only malnutrition. It was found by one of our caretakers who happened to be scouring the area to check up on the plants and upon encountering the owlets slowly fed the baby some water to counteract dehydration. When we examined the owlet, it looked very weak and was erratic in its movements. We transferred the owlet to a dark, cozy shoe box with the temperature monitored for it to get some rest.

1 2

(a few days later)

The owl is now in a proper condition. It is now much more energetic and vivacious. We have been feeding it finely minced meat and bones of chicken and weighed the bird before and after feeding to ensure it was eating properly. We fed it using tweezers. At first, it grabbed the food ferociously but afterward it started to pick the food all by itself. We made sure the nest was properly made to avoid its legs splaying. The owl was precariously trying out surfaces and examining the area in which it was kept. It got easily alarmed to the slightest sound. Every time when something startling happened, its two little tufts of feathers on each side of its head perked up in a reflex action and it stared keenly at whatever the disturbance was. It ate multiple insects it could find. Sometimes it even screeched softly when we moved around.

3 45 6


the final part of the Avian Adventure to be continued in our next blog.

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